Cladan is a leading company in the development of nutritional solutions for the challenges and problems faced by farming companies specialised in the production of animal protein. For more than 15 years we have been an innovative company both in the services we offer as well as the products we develop. The focus of our work is the creation of specific knowledge adapted to the needs of our customers in the form of both tailor-made services and added value products.


CLADAN’s mission is to deliver value proposals to the market, aligned with a sustainable and reliable development of animal nutrition. For this, it has an added value in its proposal:


Solutions and advice for all stages of production

Technical Team

Professional technical team with 30 years of experience and reliability on the field


Constant investment in research, development and innovation. Three owned experimental farms


Strategic alliances with the most important companies at an international level


Unrestricted commitment to quality and the environment

Added Value

In Cladan our vision is to be renowned for our added value proposal, contributing to create more sustainable and reliable animal health and nutrition. We add value by:

Solutions and advice throughout all the stages of the production process.

Professional technical team with 30 years of experience, relied by the sector.

Ongoing investment in research, development and innovation.

Experimental Farms / Strategic Alliances

 Environmental Commitment / Full commitment to quality

Organizational chart

Quality Management Policy

CLADAN Management has established a Quality Policy according to the purposes, vision and principles of the organization, the requirements of its clients and in compliance with the BPM and current regulations. Our Company is honoured for the competitiveness acquired in the market, the service granted and the agreed quality of its products. CLADAN S.A. is an organization dedicated to the design, development, production, advice, marketing and after-sales service of premixes and products for animal feed, which executes its activities seeking excellence through its quality management system based on the requirements of ISO standards 9001, with a strong commitment to the environment and social responsibility through the fulfilment of the mission, vision and values:


To be an animal nutrition company that provides products and technical services of excellence, formulating and advising according to the specific needs of its customers.


Deliver to the market value proposals aligned with a development of sustainable and reliable animal nutrition.


Respect and consideration for the own personnel. Respect and consideration for customers and suppliers. Unrestricted commitment to quality. Involvement with the environment and the community. Comply with all applicable regulations.

The adoption of the following actions is fundamental to achieve continuous improvement

Total satisfaction of requirements of internal and external customers Constant training to Cladan S.A personnel Constant improvement of products and services Teamwork Detection of non-conformities and claims of Clients

The CEO guarantees that the Policy and its key elements are disclosed and understood by all the personnel of the Organization; its faithful application and improvement are considered fundamental for CLADAN to be competitive.

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