20 years providing knowledge

About us

From the beginning, CLADAN’s philosophy was to bet on knowledge with strong commitment and a constant will to stay one step ahead, which positioned us as a leading company, with technical services adapted to the needs and challenges of all kinds of animal production.

Why we excel at what we do

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Solutions and advice

We provide solutions and advice for all stages of production

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30+ years of experience

Made up of veterinarians, engineers, doctors and graduates

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Ongoing research

We make a constant investment in research, development and innovation

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Strategic Alliances

We consolidate strategic alliances with the leading companies in the sector

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Environmental commitment

We promote our environmental commitment in the development of our technologies

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Promoting care for the environment, as a condition for the sustainable development of people’s lives, is present in the main agendas of the world. CLADAN assumes the responsibility of carrying out its activities in harmony and respect for the environment, which is the common home of all the species that inhabit the planet


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Quality management policy

CLADAN’s Management has established a Quality Policy in accordance with the purposes, vision and principles of the organization, the requirements of its clients and in compliance with GMP and current regulations. Our Company is honored for the competitiveness acquired in the market, the service provided and the fulfillment of the agreed quality of its products.


To be leaders in the global animal protein production chain, creating value through knowledge, committing to sustainability, and developing innovative services and products.


To contribute through knowledge to the development of sustainable, accessible, and healthy Animal Nutrition and Wellness while maintaining a strong commitment to excellence and the quality of our products and services.


● Teamwork

● Continuous training

● Being a source of opportunities for personal and team development

● Agility in promoting and adapting to change

● Continuous innovation in processes and products

● Commitment to quality

● Achieving customer satisfaction

● Customer-centric focus on products and services

● Corporate social responsibility

● Commitment to the environment and future generations