Cladan has a team structure oriented to the development of new technologies and research. With our own laboratory and experimental farms available in synergy, the production, technical and commercial teams give rise to the formation of our R + D + I unit

Design and Development

The following functional units of our R & D & I team work in a continuous relationship


Own laboratory in our plant


Prospecting and project evaluation


InVivo experimental units


Agreements and external services

Experimental Farms

  • “Los Aromos” broiler farm, located in San Andrés de Giles. 4 broiler breeding farms + 1 experimental house with 80 outdoor pens. 5 trials per year. The conditions are similar to those for commercial breeding.
  • Poultry experimental farm located in Santa Coloma (automated and environmentally controlled houses).
  • Granja Marcos Paz: 48 km west of the City of Buenos Aires. 4 Conventional staging sheds, one of them for experimentation, where different additives, diets and productive conditions are evaluated to achieve greater and better egg production. With lines of independent drink to evaluate also variants in the water. It can be analyzed from the corporal state of the hens, the science in the production, up to parameters of egg quality.

Agreements with Institutions


The Family of Additves developed by Cladan are aligned with the EU Classification of additives, according:


Antioxidants Anticaking Antimicotoxics


Protected Urea, Milk replacer and Rehydrating products


Microflora Stabilizers / Environmental Control / Other

Cladan Knowledge

Access reports and publications written by our team of commercial technicians and veterinarians.

Challenges in feeding high-fiber diets to pigs

Challenges in feeding high-fiber diets to pigs

Describing the NSP content of raw materials is fundamental to our understanding of dietary fiber and how to deal with its negative consequences. The ability of pigs to digest more fibrous diets without compromising productive performance is fundamental to improving...

Thailand highlights its poultry welfare standards

Thailand highlights its poultry welfare standards

THAILAND - The animal welfare movement has become global in its push to help billions of animals live in better conditions However, it has a deeper meaning in livestock businesses. For Thai food producers, high welfare products are not about offering alternative...

How to tackle the versatility of PRRS?

How to tackle the versatility of PRRS?

PRRS Swine virus is known for its capacity to mutate. Worldwide, two major genotypes are known and so are many strains – with many different levels of pathogenicity. This type of threat needs a cure which is as versatile as its enemy, as was shown at various...

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