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Our laboratory works together with the Nutrition, Research, Development and Innovation teams. It carries out the Quality Control of our plant, analyzing raw materials and elaborated products.

Analysis Types

It has Kjeldahl equipment, HPLC, Chromatograph, NIRSystem of two different systems, Equipment to determine hardness of pellets, for Mycotoxins, special mills for different applications, balances of different precisions, specific volumetric material for all determinations.

Our equipment

It has the necessary instruments to carry out the analyzes by traditional wet chemical methods and as a very useful tool it has N.I.R System technology equipment. The latter provides great performance, speed, accuracy and repeatability. It is extremely useful when results are urgently required, especially when carrying out plant tests.

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Protein Analysis by Kjeldahl

State-of-the-art digester and distiller, VELP brand. It consists of first digesting the Proteins and then steam distillation and quantifying the Ammonia produced to calculate the Nitrogen and/or protein content in the sample.

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NIR Spectrophotometry (Near Infrared)

Predictive, agile and precise method to determine the content of Proteins, Fats, Moisture, Ashes, Fiber, etc in Raw Materials and Food. We have state-of-the-art FOSS and BRUKER brand equipment.

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High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES brand equipment for the determination of Vitamins and assessment of active ingredients in Raw Materials and Food.

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UV-Visible Spectrophotometry

We have a spectrophotometer for the assessment of elements such as phosphorus and active ingredients in Raw Materials and Food.

Technical assistance to clients

Both the Nutritionist technicians and the Laboratory specialists assist clients in the correct manufacture of their balanced foods, and in everything inherent to Quality Control.

For all this, all the raw materials involved and the products obtained with them are analyzed. It applies both to own productions and those of clients.

The laboratory staff, with extensive experience in manufacturing control, attends the plants or mills to carry out the tests with which the operating diagnosis is made.

In case of finding abnormalities, it proposes variants and solutions. As a routine, samples of raw materials are taken from the plant and food samples from the farms, which are analyzed and the result returned as soon as possible.

Our facilities

Our laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained personnel whose objective is to provide the services that our clients require and to carry out quality control of the products that CLADAN launches on the market.

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