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Cladan produces complete balanced mixes for poultry, pigs and cattle food, vitamin mineral cores and Animal health (products and services oriented to animal health) to support all types of production systems.

Product Line

Vitamin mineral cores

Antioxidants Anticaking Antimicotoxics


Complete range of additives for all species


Premixes for Poultry, Swine and Cattle.

Customized products

Specially customized products for nutrition and animal health

Thermal Stress

In times of excess heat, the products recommended by the CLADAN technical team prevent metabolic alterations and attenuate the clinical signs to improve the productive results. Applicable to both birds and pigs.

  • Betaplus / Betaplus L
  • Pidolín PCA
  • Liptosafe-L


The Family of Additves developed by Cladan are aligned with the EU Classification of additives, according:


Antioxidants Anticaking Antimicotoxics


Protected Urea, Milk replacer and Rehydrating products


Microflora Stabilizers / Environmental Control / Other


Check out our line of Anti-Mycotoxin products. A selection of products that meet all possible needs to combat this silent evil

  • Liptosafe
  • Mycostop Plus
  • Betaplus / Betaplus L
  • Calibrin Z
  • Liptonic Plus


Since our beginnings in 2001 we have been developing poultry products with the highest technology and development. We also have exclusive representation of multinational companies in the market such as Dupont, Elanco, Liptosa, Arm & Hammer, and Dietaxión


We have a feeding program that covers all stages of pig production using raw materials of high biological value, safety, security and stability. Combined in the proper way under the highest quality standards to be applied to all the stages of development.


Cladan has a product line ranging from high concentration nuclei (Optimix) to premixes for fattening, milkmaids and calves (Suplemix) and products for development of hut bulls. We also develop our own palette of nutritional additives. Now premiering our new meat line (Lomas)

Cladan Knowledge

Access reports and publications and all sorts of blog articles written and selected by our team of commercial technicians and veterinarians.

Understanding the microbiome of changing birds

Understanding the microbiome of changing birds

A select group of nutritionist from all major poultry producing countries in the world gathered at the first edition of World Rising Nutritionists 2019 in Lisbon. Organiser Dupont animal nutrition was at the helm of in-depth and open discussions on the current...

Summer Challenge: Protect poultry farms from heat stress

Summer Challenge: Protect poultry farms from heat stress

Within the context of the Cladan segment in Cátedra Avícola the magazine interviewed Pedro Deluchi - Poultry Division Manager- who told us about this issue that affects production in the summer, Cladan's strategy to provide solutions  and the use of one of its own...

Challenges in feeding high-fiber diets to pigs

Challenges in feeding high-fiber diets to pigs

Describing the NSP content of raw materials is fundamental to our understanding of dietary fiber and how to deal with its negative consequences. The ability of pigs to digest more fibrous diets without compromising productive performance is fundamental to improving...

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