Cladan is formed by a multidisciplinary team of experts in animal nutrition and animal health; qualified professionals with customer orientation, always focused on the needs of these and the challenges of the production of animal protein in our country and other countries in the region. Cladan offers a consulting service and advice to the client in the field of formulation and manufacture of balanced feed, in issues and challenges inherent to animal health and the production of poultry, pigs and Ruminants, complementing these with specialized technical support and years of experience in the subject.

Special Services


Bed bugs monitoring

control over the emissions of ammonia, flies and insects, aiming to improve the animal environment and recommend the necessary products for an ideal environment.

Piglets monitoring and sanitary control

For the diagnosis of diarrheas of pathogenic origin. It allows to diagnose with more precision the problematic one of the establishment, with the purpose of recommending an accurate solution


Mycotoxins Control:

We have our own laboratory which allows us to make an accurate diagnosis in quantity and type, so that we can then give a correct recommendation of the ideal solutions.

Monitoring of AGP sensibility

becomes a useful tool to determine when the AGP should be rotated in systems where these products are s8ll used. The regular
monitoring of the integractions prevents the an8bio8c resistance growth, avoiding negative impacts of AGP performance.

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Our commercial team is always available to the producer. Whatever your problem or concern, do not hesitate to contact us. A representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Nutrition ad feed

Consulting and formulations

Food plant monitoring

Improvement opportunities

Gut Health monitoring

Farm visits, diagnosis and monitoring

Laboratory Analysis?

We have a first-class state of the art laboratory that performs all types of analysis necessary for the activity

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