20 years providing knowledge


We have a team structure oriented to the development of new technologies and research. With its own laboratory and experimental farms available in synergy, the production, technical and commercial teams give rise to the formation of our R&D unit.

Design and development

The following functional units of our R&D team work in continuous relationship

Ícono gotero


Own laboratory in our plant

Ícono tubo de ensayo


Project prospecting and evaluation

Investigación y desarrollo


In vivo experimental units

Ícono Microscopio


Agreements and external services

Special services

The following functional units of our R+D+I team work in continuous relationship

Microscopio ícono

Assistance in mycotoxin control

We have our own laboratory which allows us to make a precise diagnosis in terms of quantity and type, in order to then be able to give a correct recommendation of the ideal solutions to our associates.

Ícono Microscopio

Antibiotic Sensitivity Monitoring

Tool to diagnose the argument for the rotation of promoter or therapeutic antibiotics, depending on the spread of antibiotic resistance and its intensity.

Ícono Microscopio

Monitoring and health control of piglets

For the diagnosis of diarrhea of pathogenic origin. It allows to diagnose with greater precision the problem of the establishment, in order to recommend an accurate solution

Ícono Microscopio

Bed Quality Monitoring

Control over ammonia emissions, flies and insects, aiming to improve the animal environment and recommend the necessary products for an ideal environment.

Experimental farms

CLADAN has developed a complete range of products for the industry, developing its own products together with a research and development team, supported by a research laboratory and different experimental units.

Granjas experimentales

Broilers: “Los Aromos” farm, located in San Andrés de Giles. 4 chicken rearing sheds + 1 experimental shed with 80 pens. 5 trials per year.

Experimental chicken farm located in Santa Coloma (automated and controlled environment sheds).

Marcos Paz Farm: 4 Conventional laying sheds, one of them destined for experimentation, with independent drinking lines to also evaluate variants in the water.

Agreements with institutional

From our role as suppliers of knowledge to the industry, we have signed work agreements with different national and international universities and we have made alliances with different highly recognized and prestigious research organizations at the national level, such as INTA, INTI, CONICET and CAENA.

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