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Thailand highlights its poultry welfare standards

Thailand poultry welfare

THAILAND – The animal welfare movement has become global in its push to help billions of animals live in better conditions However, it has a deeper meaning in livestock businesses. For Thai food producers, high welfare products are not about offering alternative choices to consumers, but has become the only way to do business. In […]

How to tackle the versatility of PRRS?


PRRS Swine virus is known for its capacity to mutate. Worldwide, two major genotypes are known and so are many strains – with many different levels of pathogenicity. This type of threat needs a cure which is as versatile as its enemy, as was shown at various congresses around the globe. The Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory […]

How Thai poultry business is revamping its image

Thailand Poultry

As consumers shift their focus to health and wellness, the Thai poultry industry has to adopt a new identity synonymous with high quality poultry production by pushing its food safety and animal welfare practices to meet the global standard. The industry, best known for its competitive price, has been trying hard to revamp its image […]

TGE virus-resistant pigs created


US researchers have produced a litter of pigs of which they claim they are genetically resistant to Transmissible Gastroenteritis virus (TGEv), causing gut disease with almost 100% mortality in piglets. The team, consisting of researchers from the University of Missouri (MU), Kansas State University and breeding company Genus, has succeeded in breeding pigs that are resistant to the virus by […]

Processed soya to improve performance of broiler chickens

Polutry soya

Processed soya bean meal in broilers led to significantly increased feed conversion rates and body weight gain, according to newly published research. Researchers from Roslin Nutrition, Scotland and AB Agri Ltd, England, carried out a study to investigate whether the inclusion of a processed soya bean meal in the diets of broilers to 41 days […]

Organic acids invaluable tool for poultry gut health

Gut Health

Protected benzoic acid improved growth performance in birds that were subject to Eimeria challenge, according to new research released this week by Novus International. Frances Yan, senior poultry nutrition research scientist at Novus, told the Poultry Science Association annual meeting, that the efficacy was greater when diet complexity was increased by combining viscous grain and […]

What if… we create an artificial pig model?

Piggy model

What do cartoon vehicles and pig production have in common? More than you would think. Nutrition technology expert Dr Casey Bradley got inspired by the problem-solving scenarios on television and shares some new insights. New in my life again are cartoons and my son Arthur’s favourite cartoon today is, ’Stinky and Dirty’, which is based […]

Monitoring transition cows: New guides and tools

Transition Cows

The transition is a challenging period for the dairy cow. Animal health company Elanco is putting more effort into supporting farmers to cope with this. The company has therefore launched the ‘Transition Mission’. As part of this initiative, the company has launched a new website that includes resources to support farmers around transition, such as downloadable resources and […]

Rumen health: Key for high productive cows

Keys for productive and healthy cows

Since high productive cows depend highly on the rumen efficiency, every challenge, such as heat stress, has to be compensated by (nutritional) management. One of the nutritional solutions can be found in an effective rumen buffer supplement. Different factors can bring a healthy rumen into a stressful condition. However, a too low drop in rumen […]