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We are a knowledge company, specialized in nutrition and animal health. Cladan produces, markets and advises on technical products and services of excellence, formulating according to the specific needs of its customers


Since our beginnings in 2001 we have been developing poultry products with the highest technology and development. We also have exclusive representation of multinational companies in the market such as Dupont, Elanco, Liptosa, Arm & Hammer, and Dietaxión


We have a feeding program that covers all stages of pig production using raw materials of high biological value, safety, security and stability. Combined in the proper way under the highest quality standards to be applied to all the stages of development.


Cladan has a product line ranging from high concentration nuclei (Optimix) to premixes for fattening, milkmaids and calves (Suplemix) and products for development of hut bulls. We also develop our own palette of nutritional additives. Now premiering our new meat line (Lomas)


Technical assistance

Professional team dedicated to advice

Research Lab

Laboratory for all sorts of analisys


We keep our clients constantly trained

Stock Management

Stock management in our production plant


Experimental Farms

Cladan has three experimental farms

Ration formulation

Constant nutritional advice to our customers

Cladan Knowledge

Access reports and publications and all sorts of blog articles written and selected by our team of commercial technicians and veterinarians.

Organic acids invaluable tool for poultry gut health

Organic acids invaluable tool for poultry gut health

Protected benzoic acid improved growth performance in birds that were subject to Eimeria challenge, according to new research released this week by Novus International. Frances Yan, senior poultry nutrition research scientist at Novus, told the Poultry Science...

What if… we create an artificial pig model?

What if… we create an artificial pig model?

What do cartoon vehicles and pig production have in common? More than you would think. Nutrition technology expert Dr Casey Bradley got inspired by the problem-solving scenarios on television and shares some new insights. New in my life again are cartoons and my son...

Rumen health: Key for high productive cows

Rumen health: Key for high productive cows

Since high productive cows depend highly on the rumen efficiency, every challenge, such as heat stress, has to be compensated by (nutritional) management. One of the nutritional solutions can be found in an effective rumen buffer supplement. Different factors can...

Balanced diet is key for healthy rumen

Balanced diet is key for healthy rumen

The rumen is the most influential site of digestion, and microbial fermentation provides much of the energy needed to maintain body condition, pregnancy and lactation. Feeding the rumen microbes and stabilising the rumen environment is therefore key. The rumen...


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Cladan has the support of leading companies in animal nutrition in the world. We are exclusive representatives in Argentina for the following brands

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